Do You Need Travel Insurance?

Yes! This is one thing that you should NEVER fly without- travel insurance. Small or big things could go wrong in life and it can happen during your travel. For a small cost, you will have that peace of mind that if you need medical attention or compensation for delayed flights or lost baggage you are covered.

Travel Insurance: What Is Covered?


Unforeseen circumstances that cancels your trip or cuts it short can be a pain and it will be more stressful if you don’t have travel insurance.


Get a complete assurance that if you get sick or met with an accident during your holiday and need medical attention, you have insurance to cover up to AED150,000 of your medical bills.


Ground transportation services in the UAE provided by an authorized party for medical emergencies


*If you are a sports or photography enthusiast or professional, imagine the devastation of losing your business assets without insurance. Get protection now.

Include a travel insurance in your plans wether it’s a requirement for your hosting country or not because you’ll never be truly ready for life’s surprises unless someone got your back.

Ready for your trip?

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